This week we let you in on what is regularly being played through our headphones, whether it’s a podcast, music playlist, or audiobook. These are the books + podcasts + albums we enjoy, and we think you should, too!

If there’s a book, podcast, or album you think we missed that should be on this list, or you want us to listen to and talk about, let us know in the comment section here, OR leave us a voicemail at 404 465 0475!



  1. Mikayla

    Can you please write down or link all of the recommendations listed on this podcast? Not so I don’t have to listen to it; I just did but it makes it easier.

    • Ashley Latva

      I second Mikayla’s comment. I’m listening to Moda Spira now and I love her, esp She Whispers! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Jennifer Bettis

    I would also love to have a list with links. I listen when I drive and can’t take notes. 🙂

  3. Kim Armstrong

    Ditto to Mikayla’s request

  4. Eileen

    Agreeing with Mikayla. I listened to the whole episode but didn’t write anything down because I thought you would have show notes. I understand if it’s too much work at this point. Thanks!

  5. Susan

    I agree with Mikayla. Can you put all of this in a list we can print out or links to Amazon, podcasts, etc? That would be greatly appreciated!! 😁

  6. Jill

    Looking for show notes!

  7. Laurel Garver

    I would love a list too! I listened to this episode in my car and couldn’t write down all of your recommendations and now I’m trying to remember them!

  8. Laurel

    OK, I think I got them all! I listened to it again, to get the list, since I haven’t seen it posted yet:

    Trusting God – Jerry Bridges
    Fit to Burst and Loving the Little Years – Rachel Jakovich
    Christianity and Liberalism – Gresham Machen
    God’s Love – RC Sproul
    Pursuit of Holiness – Jerry Bridges
    Respectable Sins – Jerry Bridges
    New Morning Mercies – Paul Tripp
    Popes and Feminists – Elise Crapuchettes
    Jon Klassen children’s books
    Love thy body – Nancy Pearcey

    Thank you Summer and Joy!


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©2018 Sheologians

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