Two years ago we started noticing a common thread in conversations in the news, social media, blogs, and among academics that was concerning to us. Christian and scientist Neil Shenvi noticed this thread as well, and he started studying something called Critical Theory. We have been talking to you about it forever, but Neil brings another layer to the conversation that is incredibly needed. 

We hope this conversation helps you think through these issues because truly, you cannot escape them. 


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2:00 Joy’s weird pregnancy dreams.


7:00 Let’s start a ministry for people in ministry.


10:20 We introduce the interview, finally.


13:30 Who is Neil Shenvi?


14:50 How did Neil start studying Critical Theory?


18:03 Neil addresses the problem of naming this ideology.


19:49 How do you spot this ideology?


24:40 What IS Critical Theory, anyway?


32:30 How can you be guilty of something you aren’t personally guilty of?


40:53 What is an “anti-racist”?


44:16 Where does the individual exist within Critical Theory?


50:00 How do we turn this conversation around?


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  1. Amanda

    Another great episode!

    That was very helpful. I “got” a couple things that I had not been able to grasp about CT previously.

    Thanks for the faithful work and pineapple, girls.



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