Everywhere you look, white supremacy is running the show. At least that’s what they’re teaching the kids. Scroll on through Twitter and elementary school curriculums and college humanities classes and book store shelves and you’re going to discover that much of what you’ve been taught has been co-opted by “whiteness” and you need to change that, immediately!  

So what about the faith? Have we really allowed skin color to determine what we believe about our faith? Dr. James White takes us through a look at history, warts and all, to help us think Biblically concerning issues that we cannot afford to be ignorant about if we want to love the people next to us in the pews. 





  1. Becca Wells

    Amazing show today! Such wise insight from Dr. White. I really liked what he said toward the end about how our resolve will need to be anchored by a very deep stake. (I think that’s how he put it) Thank you for balancing it out with humor because I have to say by the end of the secularism discussion I was feeling like unhinged Jack Bauer myself… 😅

    God bless.

  2. Jayne

    Critical thought and comman sense is gone. Thank you for truth and standing firm on God’s word.


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©2021 Sheologians

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