Forgiveness is a central concept of the Gospel. Knowing whether or not you’ve been forgiven by God is one of the most important questions that must be answered in your entire life! So what does it mean that we are forgiven by God? And how do we forgive others as we have been forgiven (Eph 4:32)? 

Unfortunately, many of us have been taught an unbiblical therapeutic model of forgiveness. Where did the idea that forgiveness is mainly something you do for your own benefit come from? We can assure you that it did not come from Scripture, and it does not model in any way God’s amazing, beautiful, life-changing forgiveness for His children! It’s paramount that we get forgiveness right, so let’s look at what Scripture has to say to us about it. 




  1. JP

    I enjoy listening to you ladies. In each episode I learn something new. If I could make one suggestion it would be to skip right to the topic. For this episode, for example…it should start at the 12 minute mark.

    • SH

      This has come up before and they said they are unapologetically not changing it because they are there for the fans that love it and don’t care what others think

  2. Heather

    Please don’t skip to the topic! I so much love getting to know who you are; Joy and Summer you are such lovely women and thank you for sharing yourselves with the world.

  3. Jane

    Great commentary but I can’t agree on their differentiation between biblical forgiveness and therapeutic forgiveness. It is good for our souls to walk with an attitude of forgiveness whether the offender has apologised or not. Christ’s teachings are a recipe for happiness so even unbelievers can apply them, in this case the commandment to forgive, and feel its benefits.

    • A P

      Where do you get the idea that “Christ’s teaching is a recipe for happiness”? Can you show biblical support for that claim? I don’t think there’s scripture to support the idea that Christ’s teachings are a playbook for happiness. Also, Summer and Joy address the idea of contentment as a result of trusting God to avenge the wrong done to you. Contentment is different than happiness, and it’s also a choice not dependent on our circumstances the way that happiness is.

  4. sarah

    Who is the artist for the out-tro song? I know he was mentioned by name within the last couple of podcasts, but I can’t find it.

    • Megan

      Wondering the same thing! I want to look up that song.


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