Intersectionality is poison. #MeToo is poison. Personhood theory is poison. These are the hallmarks of today’s feminist agenda. We have to ask ourselves if it is consistent. Can the feminism we see in America help women in other nations? What about countries where spousal rape is legal? Will the Women’s March and their pink hats change hearts and minds there? 

We are Christians, so we SHOULD know the answer to that question. We are Christians, so we should live in a different way. When we care about justice, it shouldn’t have the same impact that those who love wickedness leave in their wake. What is a Christian woman to do? Let’s chat.

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00:30: Joy has impressive knowledge of original sci-fi novels.

6:57: None of this material is super new to our regular listeners, but it does lay a foundation for further discussion.

9:11: Why you have to understand intersectionality and Critical Theory, and a brief definition of both.

14:50: What is a current, intelligent feminist talking about?

17:30: Do feminist activists have anything valuable to say to women in other countries? Why do we argue so ardently against feminism?

22:43: What are some of the main issues within feminism today?

26:30: Why don’t we stand with the #MeToo movement?

35:30: The funny thing about the focus on “dignity” within feminism.

40:45: Why must Christians be opposed to feminism?

51:00: Here’s our encouragement for Christian women in the feminist dystopia we live in.

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  1. DiAndrea

    Thank you for this.

    I don’t know what else to day but that.

    I just want to be obedient to the Lord.


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