The Vice of Victimhood as Virtue

In the world’s economy, victimhood endows a sense of virtue that cannot be questioned. In Christ’s economy, we understand that we are defined by his victory over sin and death on our behalf. Which do you choose to live by?

Almost: an addendum since releasing this episode

Because of multiple requests, pleas, and somewhat pushy demands (it’s okay, I liked your moxie), Joy and I decided we would answer the question: “What do y’all think of the IF: Gathering?” In this follow-up article, we address concerns that have been brought up since that recording.

“Messy” Is a Lie (And Other Obnoxious Euphemisms)

If I hear the word “messy” one more time I might explode. On my list of things I have no patience for, “messy” sits squarely next to Debi Pearl. Floors are messy. Unorganized desks are messy. Fingerpainting with a two-year-old is messy. Bratty college kids’ dorm rooms are messy. You are not messy. You are a sinner.

#MeToo, But God

Unlike most viral trends inspired by mealy-mouthed feminist icons, my immediate reaction to this one was not repulsion—it was heartbreak. Waking up to see people I know and love posting “Me too” was a smack in the face.

Excess, Minimalism, & Idolatry All the Same

There are some admirable concepts that are a part of the minimalist/small house movement. The desire to pull out of debt, only own what you need, live within your means, they are all good, and I would argue, Biblical desires.

Christ Has Already Won

Sheologians has been critiqued for “only posting” about “negative” things. I learned in a counseling course never to use words like “always” and “never” because they are rarely ever truthful. It’s true that we do post about “negative” things often, but we also post happy/encouraging things as well. Always/never doesn’t accurately apply.

Peterson and the Ghosts in the Machine

The dismissal of the word arsenokoitai should have been everyone’s first clue. The second should have been that Jonathan Merritt promised that the final installment of his interview with the author of The Message Bible, Eugene Peterson, would ignite “spirited conversations”.

Earnestly Contending for the Statistics

A few weeks ago, TBN released a short clip of an interview with Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke of Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus fame. Jeff and Alyssa have a wildly popular website, filled mostly with content on how to have a happy, successful marriage. Right around the time their marriage will turn five years old, their book, Love That Lasts, will launch. Commentary not necessary.

Red Letter Jesus

There is a phenomena I heard tell of but had never witnessed with my own eyes before today. I had heard of “red letter Christians” before but thought that most assuredly they could not exist.

What Feminism Actually Needs

Once upon a time, a group of individuals saw another group of individuals propagating a stupid idea. The stupid idea was that women are inherently less valuable than men, and so the first group of individuals sought to fight against it. They called themselves “Feminists”

Egalitarian Sins & Chimichangas with Emily Thomes

Through a strange series of events, I spend a pretty good amount of time on Facebook Messenger with my magical unicorn of a friend, Emily Thomes. She has blogged for The Gospel Coalition and she has the best, most awesome country twang you’ve ever heard.

The Left Thinks We Can End Abortion: Do You?

We have a real opportunity here. Republicans control the House, Senate, Presidency, and soon-to-be Supreme Court nominations. They claim to be the party that is pro-life. Either they become the party that ends the holocaust in the womb or they are exposed for their hypocrisy.

Why America Voted for a Sitcom Dad

How did Donald Trump, a real life version of a television sitcom dad get elected president to the highest, most respected position in the United States? Let’s take a walk the television dad hall of fame to find out.

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©2018 Sheologians