What To Do When the Church Can’t Handle You

A popular evangelical author recently posted a rather lengthy thread explaining how heartbreaking it is for her to leave her husband and kids behind for work. She said her situation is largely because the church—a 2,000 year old institution led by God—just doesn’t know what to do with a woman of her skill set. Let’s think about this for a minute.

Sex, Gender, & Fire Alarms

This mind-body split is the crux of the transgender argument. Referring to one’s physical nature as their “sex” and one’s internal feelings as their “gender” is a necessary for understanding transgender ideology on its own terms. But let’s move along, because there’s nothing to see here.

The God That Hung Jupiter Is My King

Jesus is not some wimpy maybe-savior who’s gently knocking on the door of your heart asking if He can come in. He is the reason your heart is beating. He’s the reason hearts exist. He came up with that idea. Jesus is our King. He deserves all of our worship.

Feminism is Unbelief

Feminism is not a particularly tricky form of unbelief—it’s regular, old unbelief. It gives the appearance of being rather benign. It whispers to us in ASMR-like tones. It tells us it is not against us, it is for us. It suggests that we can be free from the drudgery of obedience to God’s design.

The Very Neutral, Totally Casual Gillette Ad

This ad, like every piece of media you consume, has an angle. It has a starting point. It has a foundation. Stop trying to find ways to make the media you consume neutral. Nothing is neutral. There is an agenda, and when you turn a blind eye to its agenda in order to be seen as “reasonable” by the world, you help advance said agenda.

Final Thoughts on “Girl, Wash Your Face”

By now you have either read this book, or read one million reviews of the book. Now that I’ve read it, what advice would I give to someone thinking about reading it or who has read it and knows Christ?

The Vice of Victimhood as Virtue

In the world’s economy, victimhood endows a sense of virtue that cannot be questioned. In Christ’s economy, we understand that we are defined by his victory over sin and death on our behalf. Which do you choose to live by?

Almost: an addendum since releasing this episode

Because of multiple requests, pleas, and somewhat pushy demands (it’s okay, I liked your moxie), Joy and I decided we would answer the question: “What do y’all think of the IF: Gathering?” In this follow-up article, we address concerns that have been brought up since that recording.

“Messy” Is a Lie (And Other Obnoxious Euphemisms)

If I hear the word “messy” one more time I might explode. On my list of things I have no patience for, “messy” sits squarely next to Debi Pearl. Floors are messy. Unorganized desks are messy. Fingerpainting with a two-year-old is messy. Bratty college kids’ dorm rooms are messy. You are not messy. You are a sinner.

#MeToo, But God

Unlike most viral trends inspired by mealy-mouthed feminist icons, my immediate reaction to this one was not repulsion—it was heartbreak. Waking up to see people I know and love posting “Me too” was a smack in the face.

Excess, Minimalism, & Idolatry All the Same

There are some admirable concepts that are a part of the minimalist/small house movement. The desire to pull out of debt, only own what you need, live within your means, they are all good, and I would argue, Biblical desires.

Christ Has Already Won

Sheologians has been critiqued for “only posting” about “negative” things. I learned in a counseling course never to use words like “always” and “never” because they are rarely ever truthful. It’s true that we do post about “negative” things often, but we also post happy/encouraging things as well. Always/never doesn’t accurately apply.

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©2018 Sheologians