Occasionally we take a break from heavier topics to discuss random stories we love. This week we chose random stories from history to share with you all. Yes, they are full of useless facts, but they are entertaining and will make you much better at trivia. Are we Malcolm-Gladwell-good at telling you about history? No. Will you learn a lot about post-colonial’s weird relationship with cheese? Yes. You’re welcome.


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  1. Moriah Johnson

    Hey Summer and Joy!
    When you thought you recognized the name of the man who made the cheese wheel, were you saying “Machen”? If so, I think I know the reason why you recognized the name “Machen”. One on the founders of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church’s name was “J. Gresham Machen”. So that name you would probably recognize. But, it’s also possible you’ve never heard of him.

    Anyways, great episode! Thanks!


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©2018 Sheologians

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