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2:45 The Southern Ocean is not a real thing

5:21 Joy introduces the wonderful Steven Bancarz

6:01 So, who is the New Age Jesus and what’s wrong with him? Is he dangerous?

13:30 How has the New Age view of Jesus begun to impact the church?

18:28 Is anything inherently demonic about New Age practices?

20:45 Steven explains exactly what yoga is. We expect many emails.

27:21 What do New Age beliefs and Feminism have in common? Steven becomes our new favorite guest in one sentence.

30:00 Why should Christians care about the roots of New Age practices?

32:45 Scripture makes a connection between drug use and the supernatural.

42:00 Steven discusses biblical healing versus New Age healing.

49:15 Has Steven run into Sye Ten Bruggencate at the maple syrup store?

51:15 Why would Steven hug his cat?



  1. Valerie Hubbard

    Great show on the New Age and Christianity. I am really interested in this topic because my father is a Reiki Master and deeply involved in the New Age and occultism. I am so sharing this show.

  2. wanda

    I agree with the things that you share about yoga but many don’t practice any of those things. I have a class at my house weekly. We don’t do meditation, chants or any of the things you mention. We strictly do the stretches and exercises. We do not end with Namaste but with Shalom. I have had specific talks with my instructor as why I’m not ok with any of those practices. I am a bible believing Christian and did much research on the topic. I don’t go to other classes or retreats because of those reasons.

  3. Jackie

    I listened to this podcast and was very disappointed. I was expecting more factual information regarding New Age and Christianity, and this podcast was completely based on their personal opinions. Additionally, Steven Bancarz makes an incredibly nasty comment about feminists saying that no man is interested in marrying a woman who is a feminist. The two women in the show just laughed along with him. The whole basis around Christianity is to love, isn’t it? How was that loving or kind? It makes me sad that these individuals seemed to miss that in this podcast entirely and I won’t be subscribing to them any time soon.

  4. Mikayla

    So, I thought this guy was awesome, and after hearing the podcast I check out his site. He is not afraid to call out some of the stuff in evangelicalism that is tainted by culture like the New Age movement (or feminist movements etc)! (I think this is a more personal interview with him – and he should be able to share what he believes without being ridiculed, whether one agrees or not.) But, anyway, as Christians, maybe we are taking some of these New Age practices at face value and not actually figuring out what it is New Agers believe… I say if you listened to this, you should go look at his website.

  5. Mark

    Steven Bancarz lately seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth……….On the one hand, he purports to expose the dangers of the New Age, and yet on the other hand, he embraces New Age “teachers” who have infiltrated mainstream “christianity”, individuals like Todd White, Patricia King, and so on. C’mon, Steve, pick a side, or don’t, but don’t pretend to expose the New Age on one side of the fence while endorsing imposters within the Church on the other side of that fence………….


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