The ladies meant to discuss why fairy tales are important, and ended up discussing how unicorns are probably real instead.



  1. Jennifer Nunn

    Woah. Surprised by your thoughts. To even make a corolation between magic, and calling supernatural acts in the Bible magic is disappointing. Harry Potter is witch craft. Straight up. And you guys are scared of people who say that the Lord spoke to them? So the Lord doesn’t speak to y’all? Then, your not listening!! Came across you guys from your video at the woman’s march and totally loved and respected your stuff. But, gotta say I’m disappointed. This is coming from someone a few years older, and prob a few more experiences with supernatural junk and life. I’ve lived on both sides. I’ve read a few Harry Potter books, and def won’t let my young teenage girls read them. You can’t even begin to liken them to CS Lewis! Ok, gotta go but I’m not counting you two out, just really don’t agree with y’all on this :/

    • Summer White

      Maybe you should listen again. We made very clear distinctions between acts of power that came from God and demonic powers used by witches.

      I fear literally no one who says they heard from God. The Lord has spoken, and I hear him all the time, when I open the Bible. 🙂

      We also discussed how experiencing the supernatural may affect your feelings towards this issue and we are fine with that. I don’t care how old you are. 🙂

      There are evil witches in Narnia, so its not a stretch to connect evil witches in Lewis to Rowling. We also said we think there are more problems with the witchcraft in Harry Potter than there is in Tolkien and Lewis. So maybe you didn’t listen all the way through?

      • Jennifer Nunn

        yep, I listened. And cringed. I’m holding to what I stated before. This was the first podcast of yours I’d listened to. From the videos I’d seen of you Summer at the march, I thought you were amazing relevant, and loved your edginess. Just disappointed with what came across in the podcast. I think you’ve been giving a gift that could “go places” if you will. However, be careful. There’s obviously quite a bit of pride. I’m rooting for you, so chill 😘

        • Summer White


          Thank you for the spiritual evaluation via an internet comment. 🙂

  2. Adam mauldin

    More stuff from this helpful orthodox website about how dragons are real and probably just dinosaurs since they aren’t millions of years old and we have found dino soft tissue. There are probably none left but we may only be about 400 years removed.

    • Benjamin Thompson

      Those arguments don’t seem all that compelling. “Fully formed” is a loaded term. Fossils have to appear fully formed, that is the definition of a living animal; a fully formed skeleton. The hidden argument here is really deductive; in order for evolution to work there must be a gradual addition of parts (fins, legs, types of cells and tissue) because this is clearly impossible evolution can be dismissed. The debate needs to be prior to this; what kind of development in the fossil record would be consistent with evolution and what would be consistent with creationism? It seems possible that the fossil record is consistent with both, since both are systems of interpretation with different presuppositions, but to suggest that this is de facto evidence against evolution seems pre-mature.

      I also don’t find arguments from folk-lore very convincing. Again the debate needs to be about the fundamental premise on which the argument is based; are cultures primarily motivated by inventions or discoveries? Are myths works of collective human creativity or observation? This seems to be a tricky and complicated debate, far more so than lets on.

      Lastly I’m not so sure about your claim that Dinosaurs existed 400 years ago. What evidence is there for this? I’m not trying to sound arrogant or contentious in going on this rant. My concern is that if we are going to do apologetics, we need to do it well. This means not buying every argument or piece of new evidence that comes across our news feed. If we don’t we can easily be proven to be gullible fools and our credibility in sharing the gospel will be destroyed simply because we wanted to win points in a debate!

  3. Nancy Gutcher

    Thank you for your insight. It’s very helpful

  4. Daniel Gurfeld

    If I could suggest a guest, Doug Van Dorn would be a good one for the whole giants and serpentine/shining seraphim creatures. He is a Reformed Baptist pastor based out of Colorado. He has written a few books on the topic and is heavily involved in discussion on the topic. Keep up the good work ladies, I suggest your podcast whenever I think someone would benefit greatly from it.
    May the Lord bless your work.

  5. Casey

    I believe that these movies and stories with magic are fine for adults that are strong Christians who know what they believe and will not be swayed by fiction they read or see. On the other hand for small children who are still learning their world view who may not know the difference in real or pretend in movies or books this could be very harmful for their development of their world view. I am very careful in the things I let my 4 & 5 year old watch. As of right now I do not let my children watch anything with magic in them. I want them to know the difference in the true “magical” things in scripture that is good (or bad and that magic as talked about in scripture is wrong and that is still used in parts of the world). When my girls get a little older I am excited to watch all of the magical Disney movies. But I do want them to have a well grounded world view before I let them watch them.


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